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Rimble is an open-source library of React components and guides to help you make dApps everyone can use.


Building blocks for putting your dApp interface together.


Research-led guides on overcoming dApp UX challenges.

Design kit

Sketch, design and prototype using Rimble components in Figma.
Figma kit

Why Rimble?

Decentralized applications (dApps) require users to learn new patterns and they present new hurdles for designers and front-end developers. Rimble is here to make life easier for everyone. As an open source project, Rimble aims to create common dapp UX patterns, validated through user research, and built for developers.

Rimble Guides

Step by step guides for building friendly, accessible dapps.

Best practices for connecting to a dApp

Writing for Products

Conversational Design

See Rimble in action

Take a look at our demo dapps.

Our demo dapps are our building sites, so things might not always look finished. Hard hats are advised 👷‍♀️

Connection demo

Our connection demo shows methods for helping a user connect to your dApp and start transacting.
dApp connection demo

Transaction demo

Our transaction states demo, presented at Devcon V, shows methods for updating a user on the status of their transaction.
Transaction states demo